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Internal Plain / External Painted
Internal Epoxy Coated / External painted
Internal Zink / External Zink
Internal Plain / External Zink Painted
Internal Epoxy Coating / External Epoxy Paint


Double Corrugation
Multiple Corrugation

200 / 210 ltr water bream capacity.
Type / Wt

Body Top Bottom Wt.*
16 16 16 27kgs
16 18 18 24kgs
18 18 18 22kgs
18 20 20 19.5kgs
20 20 20 18kgs

For composite barrels add 3kg wt. to steel body wt. or any combination of your choice.
Indian Standards
IS 1783 partI Grade A type II closed mouth bung closure tyoe 18x18x18G,
double corrugation spiral welded, tripple seam barrels.

IS 1783 partII Grade B type II closed mouth bung closure type 20x20x20G,
multiple corrugation spiral welded, tripple seam barrels.

UN Code
UN code for specifice product for various hazard catagory product can be obtained from IIP.
Packaging solution
Please contact us for your packaging solutions for liquid, semi liquid or powder material . we shall design spiral barrels for you.